Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Fighting Warriors

Congratulations! Congrats to the warriors who could just save the victory from being snatched by. Now a days 329 runs are not enough to save your skin on a lush green ground when you are a part of Indian Cricket Team. And somehow when English knights are your opponents, at that time it becomes hardly managable.

We the Indians know only single job. Multitasking is not our way dude... Either we can do bawling or batting but not both. And also because our great culture tells us to befriend even with our enemy opponent can hardly be excluded. So why not defeat our enemy in such a way that he shouldn't get hurt? Ho ho ho... that exactly we are doing. Drop the catches, don't worry there are lots of runs to be, made yet. Misfield? What's the problem man... the batsman would get at max a boundry.

And why to worry when Sahara, Nike, Pepsi and MRF are paying for you just to show you play? Why to play when you get 30 to 50 lacs per annum just to be in a team? 1.2 billions of Indians cannot answer this question.

Buck up Team India. We like to watch you play and of course... win. But many people's blood pressure would defy their heart beats when English team reached so close to the target. Where is the killing instinct? Where is the crushing spirit? Play with all your might and Indians will no more have heart pains.