Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This is a day that no person could ever avoid and perhaps no one even wants to. A day a child enters the world, is remembered by his parents, his relatives, further his friends, might by his family and sometimes by the society. Its a gift given by the God to the world and so world celebrates it. Childhood is always a dream. A child is always seeing to numerous things, happenings near it. Every year is adding something new to his experiences. He gets more aquainted to the world he lives in. Each day a new experience. So what is so special about this day only? Perhaps this day gave him a chance to see this beautiful world. So...

A gift is also always associated with this day. There is a tender relation in this day and of course... gifts. Parents, relatives are very eager to bestow all the joys on the child. As he grows older there is much romance in celebrating the birthday with the pals rather than parents. In all the crowd of friends, he is searching a person who might be his lifemate. He is the richest person if he is with the person desired. Time never stops and he is walking with all the joys and griefs that life offers him. Slowly he is ripe and every birthday is reminding him that the destination of journey is coming nearer. But still the birthday is a day of celebration. It's a day to look back and be happy with what you have and a day to look ahead and prepare for the journey merrily.

But everything is not meant for evreybody. There are many people who cannot spare a birthday from the other days. And of course if there is no guarantee of existance on the next day, each day is a rebirth and whole life is a celebration. Perhaps there might be people who even don't know what their birth-date is. So apparently no discrimination about days for them. They are also living in this very world where we live. We can make their day a celebration. Because everyone wants the feeling that they are wanted and welcome in this world. Let's give a try. We can fill a day with bliss and a life with a light.

Wishing a very warm and prosporous life to those who might be celebrating their day by now or will take it in future. Have a blast!!!